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Bill Westbrook

Beyond Deceit

"Beyond Deceit: Legacy of a Madman" by Bill Westbrook

Bill Westbrook / Beyond Deceit: Legacy of a Madman Eloquent Books / Softcover / 6x9 / 132 pages / $11.50ISBN: 978-1-62516-409-4Beyond Deceit is a novel for the intrepid reader...

Beyond Deceit

Beyond Deceit, Legacy of a Madman is a novel for the intrepid reader. It is wildly imaginative fiction that sears the mind with a fantastical tale that is so well written and plotted it could be mistaken for reality. The reader is immediately drawn into the story where a sick old man named Karl is found comatose in a Los Angeles, California alley and taken to a hospital/rest home in Palm Springs. There, he is cared for by a staff that includes Jason, a curious young man who is immediately drawn to the stranger. What is his story? How did he get to be the way he was found?

Little by little, Jason gains Karl's confidence and during the days that follow he listens to a story that will change his life forever. The tale Karl tells him is about an unknown city under the streets of Berlin. Karl had discovered this horror while being a member of the S.O.E. during the end of WWII, and the fall of Berlin by the Russian Army in 1945. The city is populated by Nazis who are planning to 

unite with Arab terrorists and a group of radical Hispanics living in the United States with the ultimate goal of world domination.

The story may be fiction but it is presented in a way that will make every reader believe that the underground city is made of solid stone and the people in it live and breathe.

Beyond Deceit is more than a good read. It is a must read.

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Revised edition paperback $11.50

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